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What is UGC?

Authenticity. Clarity. Influential.

User generated content (UGC) is generally regarded as the most authentic and influential content by consumers and for the travel industry, its influence is growing. Consumers are becoming less trusting when it comes to brands advertising what they offer. There is gap that has been created over the years from false marketing or sneaky advertisements, which leads people to become hesitant before they make purchases. UGC has become the bridge for this gap. Consumers want to be able to know exactly what they are getting when the purchase something, especially if it is pricey. By having individuals create authentic content for brands and businesses, rather than marketing firms, consumers can get a realistic glimpse of the product or experience they are interested in.

Ocean View Room

Our Services

All You Need and More

Capture the Enviroment

Whether you are met by the ocean, the wilderness, or even surrounded by a busy city, we make sure to capture the environment that surrounds your property. Regardless of the environment, there is always beauty to be found.


Bring Your Space to Life

We combine our use of designing, photography, and catering services to bring experience into the content we create for your property. We utilize our staff and expertise that bring your property to life for your potential buyers to see. Whether it’s capturing a family cooking a meal in your kitchen, a relaxing girls weekend with wine and charcuterie, or a peaceful space for reading and yoga, we make it a reality. When consumers want to book a property where they can see their visions come to life, they are going to book yours.

Show Off the Best Angles

We not only capture life within your space, but we make sure to capture the best angles. A kitchen can have so much potential, but designed poorly with a dull picture can greatly impact the booking rates that property receives. We take the space you have created and make simple touches and adjustments to capture the most breathtaking aspects your property has to offer.

Hotel Room

Why Choose Picture Perfect?

Our catering business is established in creating luxurious events and environments for our current clients. We recently took our love for travel and combined it with our business to be able to offer businesses and property owners our services. As consumers, we know what we search for when we plan our vacations so we know exactly how to capture and create that content for businesses to utilize. Most property owners will get professional photos taken or invest in a marketing firm to help promote their property. This is not only costly, but most of the time it is not what your consumers are looking for. A picture of your balcony shows consumers you have a balcony. A picture of an individual with an opened book, hot cup of coffee, toasted bagel, and fresh flowers shows consumers what your environment can offer them.

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